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About Us

As an allotment Association we aim to work together to create a pleasant and welcoming environment for gardening, relaxing and engaging the whole family.

We also seek to live in harmony with our neighbours and maintain cordial relations both with each other and those beyond the allotment gate. Our ethos is one which strives to ensure a friendly and mutually supportive environment. To that end we ask all of our members to make every effort to accommodate others, make reasonable compromises and pay particular attention to some Association conventions:-

Site Entrance and Road Use

The adjacent garage workshops at our site entrance have a legal right to park on the road leading down to the site gates. We therefore ask members not to park where their car may obstruct access or make it difficult for cars to drive into or out of the garage workshops during normal business hours.


Cathcart is a smokeless zone. While bonfires are not currently prohibited, we ask members to pay attention to our rules about when and where they are allowed (see our Constitution). We are surrounded by houses and if neighbours believe allotment smoke is affecting their washing or blowing into their property they may complain to the Authorities resulting in action being taken. There is a nearby Civic Amenity site at Polmadie, and we encourage members who have material which cannot be composted to take it there. Additionally, we hire a skip at least once per year to allow members to dispose of ‘hard’ waste on site.

Responsibility for the Site Paths

There are a number of paths in our site and we need to work together to ensure they are  in good order and do not represent a health and safety risk. To that end we ask members to observe the following:

a) The main path running around the allotments: Each member is responsible for maintaining and keeping weed free the blaes between the slabs and the front of their plot.

b) Other paths running from the western boundary of our site to the standing taps and then to the main path which runs along the river side of the allotments: These paths are the responsibility of the plot holders on each side of the path where it passes their plot.

c) Paths between plots which do not lead to a standing tap: Unless the Secretary has written confirmation from the plotholders concerned that one plotholder is responsible, these are considered to be the responsibility of both adjacent plotholders.  

d) Paths within a member's individual plots: These are the individual plotholder’s responsibility.

e) Paths between standing taps: These are generally the joint responsibility of the adjacent plotholders

Huts & Greenhouses

The hut and/or greenhouse on each plot is the property of the individual plotholder who is responsible for keeping it in a decent, safe state of repair. When a new member takes on a plot, they pay the vendor for any hut or greenhouse being left on the plot – the amount paid is negotiated by the new plot holder and the outgoing member and is not the business of the Committee.

If members want to erect or replace a hut or greenhouse on their plot they have to apply to the Committee which considers the request. Providing that the size and position is acceptable and the proposed building does not shade their neighbours plot the Association can usually accommodate that.


Trees on plots are restricted to 8ft (2.4m) in height. To assist members in choosing fruit trees, guidance has been published which can be found here.


About Us